Towel – blue+white

28-Mar-17.  1 x blue/white towel.  Vue brand.

Bag of Swimming Clothes

28-Mar-17.  A ‘Polar Bear Sea World’ bag, containing spiderman swimmers (size 8), a dark/light blue rash vest with short sleeves ‘Kings of the Ocean’ wording, a towel with S-26 Gold toddler milk powder branding.

Beach towel.

February, 2017.  Swimming lessons.  Bluish coloured, beach towel showing picture of a giant palm tree, in black, and the word “sport” sprawled across it in white.

towel / large cloth

February, 2017 swimming lessons.  A large, chequered, blue and white “towel”, more like a tablecloth, with a fringe of short tassels.