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Grey cap
CPS Blue Jacket

30-May-2017.  CPS blue jacket.  Size 6C.  Name reads ‘Evan Tilly’ but this name could not be located on the current school list.

Large Plastic Lunch Container

30-May-2017.  Large plastic lunch container.

Red Hair Ribbon

30-May-2017.  Red hair ribbon.

Small Plastic Lunch Container

30-May-2017.  Small plastic lunch container, with blue clips.

Girls CPS Dress + Red Polo Shirt

30-May-2017.  Girls CPS uniform in green plastic bag – 1 x school dress +red polo shirt.  Some names written on the dress; however, ‘Pia’ is the only legible name.  The brand is Perm-A-Pleat School Wear, size 6C.

Bag – Leslie’s Stuffs

30-May-2017.  Cream bag, with Leslie’s Stuffs + a giraffe in pink printing.



30-May-2017.  Girls headband, with cream flowers.


30-May-2017.  White socks,  patterned with boots and laces.

Plastic Container

4-Apr-2017.  Small plastic lunch container.  Name reads ‘Wolf’; however, this name could not be located on class lists.

CPS Blue Hat

4-Apr-2017.  Blue school hat.  Name reads ‘Buddy L’; however, this name could not be located on the class lists.

Cream Book Bag

4-Apr-2017.  Cream book bag.  Lion image on the front, with wording “In the Lion”.  Branding is Walker Books.

CPS Jacket

4-Apr-2017.  Blue CPS jacket.  Red detailing.  Aspire brand.  Size 6.

CPS Blue Hat

4-Apr-2017.  CPS blue hat.  Words “One Direction” written on hat brim.

Spiderman Food Container

4-Apr-2017.  Spiderman food container.  Plastic.

Black Headband

4-Apr-2017.  Black headband.  Soft.

Cottesloe SLSC 100 Year Black Hoodie

4-Apr-2017.  Black Cottesloe SLSC 100 year hoodie.  Size M Youth.  Gildan brand.

CPS Blue Shorts

4-Apr-2017.  CPS blue shorts. Nell Gray brand.  Size 8.

White sock

28-Mar-17.  1 x white sock.  Only 1.

CPS Blue Hat

28-Mar-17.  1 blue school hat.  Spartan brand.

Blue Thong

28-Mar-17.  1 x blue+black Rip Curl thong.

Tiger Hat

28-Mar-17.  Tiger hat.

Bonds Crop Top

28-Mar-17.   Girls pink+black Bonds crop top.  Size 10/12.

Vorgee Swim Goggles

28-Mar-17.  Vorgee swim goggles, blue and green.

Speedo swim goggles

28-Mar-17.  Grey Speedo swim goggles.

Zoggs swim goggles

28-Mar-17.  Blue Zoggs swim goggles.

Vorgee swim goggles

28-Mar-17.  Green Vorgee swim goggles.

Speedo Swim Goggles

28-Mar-17.  Speedo Caliber swim goggles.  Black and blue.


28-Mar-17.  1 x white+green+grey sock.


28-Mar-17.  1 x white+blue sock.

White Cardigan

28-Mar-17.  Long-sleeve cardigan, white, Trenery brand, size L.

Black Rash Vest

28-Mar-17.  Black long-sleeve rashie.

Bonds Black+White Bag

28-Mar-17.  Small black+white Bonds nylon bag.

School Hat

28-Mar-17.  1 x blue school hat.  Name reads ‘Art Williams’; however, this name was not located on the school list.

Bonds Crop Top

28-Mar-17.  Girls pink/blue Bonds crop top.   Size 8/10.

Towel – blue+white

28-Mar-17.  1 x blue/white towel.  Vue brand.

Bag of Swimming Clothes

28-Mar-17.  A ‘Polar Bear Sea World’ bag, containing spiderman swimmers (size 8), a dark/light blue rash vest with short sleeves ‘Kings of the Ocean’ wording, a towel with S-26 Gold toddler milk powder branding.

Blue CPS polar fleece

14-Mar-17.   Blue CPS polar fleece jacket.  Brand is JB’s Wear.  Size 8.  Name on tag appears to read G. Kay but this name could not be found on school register.

Blue CPS blue hat

14-Mar-17.  Blue school hat.

Plastic food container

14-Mar-17.  1 x grey food container with clear plastic lid.  Brand is Lock & Lock.

Mouthguard Elastoplast box

14-Mar-17.  1 x red Elastoplast mouthguard sport box.

Sport shirt #2

14-Mar-17.  CPS sports shirt.  #2 on the back.  Size 10.

Headband Pink

14-Mar-17.  Girls pink soft headband.

Havaianas leopard print thongs

14-Mar-17.  Girls leopard print havaianas.  Size 31 – 32.


14-Mar-17.  Girls leopard print sunglasses.

Water bottle O2Cool Mist’n’Sip

14-Mar-17.  Pink and white O2Cool Mist’n’Sip water bottle.  Insulated.

Water bottle – blue and black Nike

14-Mar-17.  Blue and black water bottle, with white Nike tick.

Bobux shoe

14-Mar-17.  1 x white bobux girl’s shoe.  Type is Step Up. Size EU 21.  Small white flower on the front of the shoe.

Child’s spectacles.

14th March.  Child’s spectacles / glasses.  Dark blue rims, light blue stems.  Rectangular shaped.  Held at Admin. office.


13th or 14th March.

Non school jacket.

Found in last 2 weeks of 2016.  Black, zip up, windcheater or tracksuit jacket.  White stripes on collar, cuffs, down right arm and hip band.  JCCA logo on front, left chest.  Brand Nell Grey.  No size on label but looks small man’s.

Winter jacket.

Found in last 2 weeks of 2016.  Blue, winter jacket, lined with grey fleece.  Very good quality.  Brand “Mountain Equipment Co-op”.  Zip front, hood, and front, zip pockets.  Size 8.  Made in Canada.

Beach towel.

February, 2017.  Swimming lessons.  Bluish coloured, beach towel showing picture of a giant palm tree, in black, and the word “sport” sprawled across it in white.

School polo shirt.

February, 2017.  Red, school, polo shirt.  Short sleeved.  Size 8.  Possibly lost at swimming lessons.

Sandwich container.

February 2017.  Orange, plastic, sandwich box.  Hinged lid.  Square with a clip closure.

Food container.

February, 2017.  Clear, plastic, lunch or snack container with orange lid.  Square with round corners.

School library bag.

February, 2017.  Another school, library bag, found at the same time as the other one.  This one has a name but it’s a former student.  Name tag says Lucy Rodda.  Who got Lucy’s second hand bag?

School library bag.

February, 2017.  School library bag, no name, with a (an empty!) small pocket and plastic window for a name, on the front.

School jacket.

February, 2017.  School, light, zip up jacket.  Second hand.  No label.  Looks size 10 to 12.  Has the name “Van Schouwen” crossed out on the white lining.

towel / large cloth

February, 2017 swimming lessons.  A large, chequered, blue and white “towel”, more like a tablecloth, with a fringe of short tassels.


School shorts.

February 2917.  Boy’s school shorts.  No name.  Sz 6.

Lunchbox container

28-Feb-17.  Clear Ikea small plastic container with green lid.  Words “chicken stock’ are written on the lid.

Sock – 1 x blue+black

28-Feb-17.  1 x blue+black bonds sock.  Size 13-3.  Only 1.

Boys school hat blue

28-Feb-17.  Boys blue school hat.


28-Feb-17.  Pink troll with blue hair.

Juicy Couture Key Fob

28-Feb-17.  Juicy Couture key fob.  Silver, with red, green and purple letters.

Boys school shorts

28-Feb-17. Blue boys school shorts. Aspire brand, size 10c.

Thongs and sandals.

February, 2017.  Two pairs of things, one boy’s, one girl’s.  Sandals, navy blue, Target brand, sz 12.

Drink bottles

February, 2017.  Assorted drink bottles.  Can you identify yours?


February 2017.  Assorted swim goggles, all lost during the first two weeks of school.

School, fleece vest.

10th February, 2017.  Sleeveless, fleece vest, sz 10.  Name on label crossed out and not legible.

Drink bottle

23rd February, 2017.  Clear and black plastic with Nike tick.

Girl’s black and pink hoody.

Late 4th term, 2016:  Girl’s, black, pullover hoody with bright pink lining to hood, white logo on front chest and pink trim at wrists.  Front pockets in central panel at waist / hips.  Brand “Cold Gear”.  MADE  IN  JORDAN.  Size on label is described as “loose”.  Looks about size 8.

Pretty in pink (and gold), girl’s, hoody jacket.

Late 4th term, 2016:  Pinky-red, girl’s, zip up hoody with gold and black stencilling on front, left chest and back, right shoulder.  Brand “Apple Bottoms”.  Size M.

Quiksilver jumper

First time I’ve noticed Quiksilver doesn’t have a ‘c’. They’ll be thinking they’re Qantas next.


Welcome to Cottesloe Primary School’s Lost and Found website. To look for lost property, click Found Items.


Welcome to Cottesloe Primary School’s Lost & Found website. This website lists all unnamed items that are found in the school (and make their way to the Lost and Found office).

What if my child’s item was named?

If your child has lost an item and it has their name on it, it will probably be taken back to their classroom by the finder, or one of our helpful volunteers.

I didn’t name my child’s item but they have lost something!

Happens to the best of us. If it has been handed in, the Lost & Found volunteers will photograph it and put it on this website. If you see your child’s item here, just let us know in the comments section, and we will send it back to their classroom.

Where is the Lost and Found Office?

Tucked away in a corner of the Uniform Shop. It is located in the old Hearing Impaired Building (next to the staff car park). Volunteers are in there most mornings, but not for long. If you want to look through the items, either check this website, or contact us to arrange a time to meet you down there.

Who runs Lost & Found?

Rosemary Glass, a parent, EA and P&C volunteer, runs the Lost and Found office. She has a team of parent volunteers helping her. We are always on the lookout for new volunteers! Please contact us if you have thirty minutes to an hour a week to help out. You can contact Rosemary (Ry) on 0403 358 467 or Other parent volunteers are Nacera Chafai ( and Larissa Wiese ( Any questions about this website please direct to Larissa.